About Jenny

I am a botanical illustrator, with a leaning towards graphic design. My work is mostly closely observed, full size, illustrations of plants. I generally work from the real live plants, making preparatory sketches before working up a design. I work in watercolour, layering washes to produce depth of colour and fine detail. Occasionally I use coloured pencils, useful when on holiday and time is short. I enjoy making pen and ink drawings, as the clarity of line can show so clearly how a plant works, without the confusion of colour. I love the twists and turns of stems, the lumpiness of seedpods and all the wonderful differences of a plant that makes it unique from all others.

While painting plants has always been a lifelong pleasure, life has been varied and busy. Rather late in the day I have completed a Diploma at Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (RBGE). It was a wonderful experience to immerse myself in plants and painting. The final 6 diploma paintings were based around plants on our local Site of Scientific Special Interest, down on the shore between West Kirby and Hoylake. I have a completed a painting one of RBGE’s rare greenhouse plants, called Aesthnanthus Tricolour, which is in their Florilegium collection.